Candidate Charter – our unwavering commitment to you.

People are our lifeblood

If we approach you about a specific opportunity, or you contact us to share your experience, skills, and career ambitions, we want you to have an engaging and value adding experience with us. 

We recognise that we have a commitment to you as well as to our client, and we undertake that our dealings with you will be professional, courteous, rigorous and honest.

We will:

  • Approach you after considered analysis and in relation to roles where we think there is a strong match. Your time is valuable; we don’t want to waste it.
  • Support you to make your candidacy as strong as it can be.
  • Represent you effectively and discreetly to our client, based on accurate information that you give us in confidence.
  • Be inclusive, open, and fair-minded.
  • Keep you informed, communicating outcomes promptly, and giving fair and honest feedback.
  • Celebrate your successful outcome, and share any lessons in the event of disappointment.
  • Will help you fulfil your long-term career ambitions by providing you access to events and content designed to support career development. 
  • Embrace continuous improvement, by seeking regular feedback from those whom we shortlist for opportunities.

If ever you feel we have not lived up to the letter or spirit of this charter, please tell us. We want to know.