Manufacturing Leadership Dinner – Executive to Non-Executive Director

20th June 2024

This week, Richard Love, Colin Roope and Simon Betts hosted a Manufacturing & Engineering leaders roundtable dinner at the stunning Orelle restaurant in Birmingham. The event, centred on the theme of transitioning from Executive to Non-Executive Director, brought together CEOs and Managing Directors of Manufacturing & Engineering businesses from across the Midlands.

Our distinguished speaker, Andy Richardson, led a comprehensive and interactive discussion on the journey from Executive to Non-Executive Director, covering several key themes:

  1. Knowing Your ‘Why’: Understanding your motivations is crucial for the challenging role of a Non-Executive Director. Clarity about your purpose will guide the types of appointments you pursue.
  2. Enhancing Governance Knowledge and Skills: Non-executive directors play a vital role in ensuring good governance. Deepening your understanding of governance frameworks, legal responsibilities, and ethical considerations is essential.
  3. Gaining Support from Your Business: Attendees agreed that their current businesses would benefit from the perspectives gained through Non-Executive Director roles in other companies. The diversity of experience enhances board performance.
  4. Knowing Where You Add the Most Value: Identifying the sectors and business types that would benefit from your experience is key to being an effective Non-Executive Director.
  5. Leveraging Your Networks: Networking as an Non-Executive Director differs from an executive role. Building relationships with other board members, stakeholders, and industry peers is crucial for staying informed and providing valuable insights.
  6. The Importance of Listening: An important aspect of any Non-Executive Director ‘s role is to listen, challenge, and coach the executive team rather than lead the business. Effective listening, especially to what is not being said, helps guide discussions and ensures that key issues are not overlooked.

As the evening concluded, guests departed with a greater understanding of the requirements for Non-Executive Directors and key considerations for deciding when and what type of NED they aspire to be.

For more information about the work we do in Manufacturing or any of our events please contact Colin Roope or Simon Betts.

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