Trust and turning up – leading through change

11th May 2022
Marek Dobrowolski
Partner & Head of Practice

Trust and turning up - leading through change

The latest session in the 2022 Berwick Partners Emerging Leaders Programme focussed on leading through change and maintaining resilience. We were delighted to be joined by guest speaker Carol Matthews, Group Chief Executive of the Riverside Housing Group. Carol spoke candidly about her experience, learnings and how she is taking her organisation through a period of change; a merger with One Housing Group to become one of the biggest landlords in the UK.

Trust – How do you create it?

Carol spoke about Trust being the key leadership skill when leading an organisation through change and challenges. Consider a scenario in which lack of trust prevails. If your team doesn’t trust you, as a leader, they’ll be reluctant to follow, and aren’t likely to apply their best efforts. As a leader, if you don’t trust your team, you will more than likely be micromanaging, looking over everyone’s shoulders and stalling progress.

Carol then went on to explain ‘The Four Elements of Trust’ and how, when combined, can instil reciprocal trust between leaders and their teams.

  • Reliability
    People you relate to want to know if you do what you say you will do. As a leader, you need to ensure people have the confidence that you will make good on your promises, take action and turn up, even when it’s tough.
  • Acceptance
    All people want to be accepted for who they are. As a leader, you need to ensure people do not feel judged, criticised, or made to feel inferior.
  • Openness
    People want to cooperate with people who will ‘level’ with them. As a leader you need to give people the whole story – don’t bury bad news.
  • Congruence
    The knowledge that what you do, is on track with you believe, what you know to be true and what you do. Sincerity is a key leadership skill. Set boundaries, make rules clear and walk the talk!

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To hear more about Carol, her career, and her advice for Emerging Leaders, listen to our podcast – Emerge: Leadership Lessons with Carol Matthews, Chief Executive of The Riverside Housing Group

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