The Route to Net-Zero Carbon

4th April 2023
Marek Dobrowolski
Partner & Head of Practice

The Route to Net-Zero Carbon

The social housing sector is facing a monumental challenge. Not only do organisations have to meet Net-Zero Carbon by 2050 (sooner in some regions), but they also need to achieve a C rating on Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) across all homes by 2030. These targets are having to be balanced with the increased focus on fire safety and cladding retrofit, combined with the continued pressure to build new homes.

At the end of March, we were delighted to launch the first event in our 2022 ‘Route to Net-Zero Carbon’ series. In this event, we explored the challenges and barriers that Housing Associations face and how these can be tackled to help the sector achieve Net-Zero Carbon. The topics which were discussed included clarity of the definition of Net-Zero, a fabric first approach, the EPC debate, and the PassivHaus model. We were joined by an amazing panel of speakers:

  • Rob Lane, Chief Property Officer at Clarion Housing Group
    Rob leads the Clarion Housing Group’s strategic asset management, including regeneration, and spearheaded Clarion’s 2040 Strategy which involves a major programme of investment to sustainably upgrade its properties, based on a set of housing standards it has developed.
  • Emma Osmundsen, Managing Director of Exeter City Living
    Exeter City Living is the ‘Profit for Purpose’ Development Company of Exeter City Council. Emma is a UK pioneer of Low Carbon, Healthy and Climate-ready buildings and leading developer of the International Passivhaus Standard.
  • Gwyn Roberts, Head of Housing and Policy at BTE
    Gwyn has over a decade of experience in sustainability and housing, taking the wide-angle view to environmental, economic and social issues. Recent projects include Welsh Government Warm Homes Programme 2 and working with Associations to develop their road map to net zero.

Tom also discussed the topic with Jonathan Higgs, CEO of Raven Housing Trust. Raven Housing Trust was one of the first Housing Associations to share its anticipated costs of moving to net zero carbon and we caught up with Jonathan to find out how Raven is thinking differently towards the net zero carbon target and how leaders and sectors need to think differently if they going to achieve this goal.

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