Evolve & Transform – Midlands CIO Dinner

11th October 2017
Alex Richardson
Partner & Head of Practice

Evolve & Transform - Midlands CIO Dinner

This evening we are delighted to be hosting a cross-industry selection of CIO’s from across the Midlands. The Midlands has long been the engine room of the economy, and has a fine pedigree in adapting and changing to meet the needs of the UK business.

Only a few decades ago manufacturing was all. Fast forward to today and the region is home to the largest financial, legal and professional services markets outside of the Capital, an enviable selection of top tier Universities delivering multi-talented and multi-lingual graduates into a diverse collection of service & creative industries, as well as a burgeoning reputation as a thriving hub for digital innovation.

Pick a spot on this new landscape and it is simple to see the commercial contribution of technology, data & insight and innovation within the boardroom.  With CIO’s at the helm of these transformative initiatives, and now firmly a part of the contemporary Board team, the modern IT & Digital leader has a far from linear role!

It’s often been said that a business gets the CIO they deserve. The best are agile thinkers, influencers, with a relentless focus upon commercial outputs; enablers and owners of enhanced commercial performance. In the age of ubiquitous demand for data, relentless digital re-invention, and carefully balanced partner ecosystems, we can all agree that the era of the ‘tame techie’ has been and gone. This evening we will be discussing the future role of the CIO, relationships with tech hungry commercial teams, ‘being digital’, ‘doing data’ and the secrets to making technology enabled change stick.

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