2024: Our Predictions for the IT & Digital Sector

19th January 2024
Alex Richardson
Partner & Head of Practice

As we move into 2024 the realm of IT and technology is alive with anticipation. In this blog Alex Richardson, Head of the Berwick Partners’ IT, Digital & Technology Practice, touches on what he thinks the trends, challenges and opportunities for the coming year will be for an area marked by the dynamic intersection of AI, cyber security and digital transformation.

Future gazing in tech is fraught with difficulty, how many of Tomorrow’s World’s bold predictions ever came to fruition? However, there are a number of things which crop up when we engage with senior IT leaders. Generative AI is the hottest of the hot topics, yet when we talk to CIO’s about the practical applications of it at the enterprise level, the case is still to be proved. There is a small, but noticeable trend towards the appointment of Chief Artificial Intelligence Officers, perhaps this will change things?.

Outside of that the cyber threat is not going away and we will see the continued elevation of Information Security from the back office and to the strategic level.

Gartner has also predicted 2024 will be the year that human tech augmentation (through metaverse, immersive AR etc) becomes mainstream, again the jury is still out.

What won’t change is the need for organisations to have a leader who is able to keep across these trends and distil what is applicable for their own organisation.

If you wish to discuss any of the topics in this article or have a conversation about increasing the senior IT leadership capability in your organisation, please contact Alex Richardson.

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