Why take our call?

7th June 2017

The art of being a good Researcher is to listen; to understand our client’s brief, to understand a candidate’s motivation. When we call it is not to sell you a job or get a CV to fire out to the highest bidder – we want to have a conversation about you and your career.

Building a network of reputable head-hunters, who understand your experience and motivations, means that when you are looking for your next step you have trusted advisors to turn to. Our job is to build a network of industry experts, to gather their insight, recommendations and feedback. Even when you aren’t actively looking, why wouldn’t you want to know the state of the market, what roles are available, even potentially whether your competitors are hiring?

We work as advisors to our clients, but also to candidates. What if there is a curve-ball role outside your sector, which would not present itself at your doorstep, but you would be perfect for? With a thorough understanding of what gets you out of bed we can bring those roles to you. One of our key strengths is creativity; our clients want a challenging and diverse shortlist, which we can only produce by knowing our candidate network inside out.

As a retained Executive Search firm, we will only ever share your details with clients when there is a genuine vacancy, after we have spoken to you about the role. Within Berwick Partners we have a centralised research function, comprising of a national team of researchers who are specialists within their markets. Sitting within a functional or sector practice, we work hand-in-hand with our Partners and Consultants to manage the delivery of an assignment. We have oversight of every assignment the practice is handling and can easily refer you to any relevant role we may be recruiting, now or in the near future.

So even if you aren’t on the market, when the phone rings why not take the call?

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