Video: Working with an Executive Search Firm as a Candidate

2nd February 2024
Elizabeth James
Partner & Head of Practice

When you apply for a senior post via an Executive Search Firm, our role should enhance your performance and experience. Our ability to support and coach you through the process adds value and we want you to think of our input as an opportunity, rather than a barrier.

Most importantly, we don’t believe in an adversarial approach to recruitment. We seek to create an environment where you will feel relaxed, able to draw upon your authentic self and therefore move to a final interview with our client where you can showcase your skills accordingly.

Elizabeth James, Partner and head of Berwick Partners’ Education Practice has been working with the Academic Registrars Council to put together a video and handout which will help support candidates in preparing an application for a role via an executive search firm.

Whilst this content was prepared for an academic institution the advice is sector agnostic and will be useful for anyone looking to secure a new role. Watch the video below.

Click here to view the accompanying Handout.

If you require any further information please contact Elizabeth James.

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