From petrol to pigs in blankets…

18th November 2021
Aemilia Lovatt
Associate Partner

From petrol to pigs in blankets…

One thing is for certain, this has been a challenging year.

We have seen the reality of the aftermath of the initial height of the pandemic as well as Brexit with shortages in household foods and goods, price increases in petrol, and gas to unprecedented levels, a very real inability to deliver consumables and service hampered by a reduced workforce.

This is not a political article, nor a means for social comment, however as I scan the horizon today, what we are becoming accustomed to are last minute changes and a need for adaptation and response that we haven’t had to exercise for many years. Of course, underpinning this is the continuation of the pandemic and a fear of soaring cases of COVID with associated restrictions of freedom. As we enter the second winter of this terrible virus, we have little idea of what the next six months could hold.

Undoubtedly from the point of view of executive search, all organisations across every sector reduced their recruitment drive as they worked their way through home working policies and operational challenges; this has now changed and the pent- up demand for new talent means we are far busier than predicted.

On the one hand, this is great news; on the other hand, we are now entering a candidate driven market. We are not alone in seeing a reticence in terms of response from individuals and to some extent, this shouldn’t come as a huge surprise. I see this as being the result of two things firstly the level of socio-economic unpredictability and secondly loyalty. Loyalty between employer and employees as well as colleagues has undoubtedly increased since March 2020. Granted, people have been through company redundancies, reductions in salaries as well as changes to ways of working and supporting colleagues’ absences due to COVID but all this has engendered a real sense of collaboration regardless of our virtual working patterns.

However, time does not stand still, and ambition may be playing a more dormant role than that of work lifestyle balance, but opportunities do not wait. Some may see the opportunity beyond to further themselves more quickly than might typically occur. A mantra often quoted is ‘control what you can, influence what you can and have the wisdom to understand what is beyond your control and influence’. In the face of uncertainty, my advice is not to yield to the status quo but make informed choices. If your role is frustrating you now, then the only person who can bring positive change is you.

My advice, clear and simple is to take that leap of faith, make that change and seize this moment of demand and opportunity.

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