Supporting SMEs as an increasingly vital part of the healthcare system

6th December 2022

Anyone who is familiar with the world of private healthcare will know that each subsector of the market is dominated by a handful of large-scale organisations. Below this layer, the market quickly falls to SME level, generally privately owned, or investor backed businesses who in most cases are on their growth journey. As government policy leans towards real terms spending cuts for the NHS, a system still reeling from the effects of a gruelling pandemic, the flow of patients towards private healthcare options has never been greater.

Across the UK’s healthcare providers, demand is currently outstripping the ability to supply at the required level. Patient waiting lists are now at over 7 million, up from 4.4 million pre-pandemic levels. Across the three main consumer groups in the private market (self-pay, insured, and NHS), the increasing pressures will reap different effects. As the country embarks on a likely period of sustained austerity, demand for NHS services is set to increase, whilst the cost-of-living crisis will have a detrimental effect on self-pay and insured activity. This in turn provides opportunities for commercial organisations to partner with the NHS to support services and patients.

Over the last 10 years, we have seen a rise in SMEs across all sub sectors from fertility, to homecare, and digital health. Opportunities for SMEs to enter the market have been compounded by the dynamics of the healthcare sector, all trying to cope with an ageing population balanced against a younger generation, with a desire for proactive and preventative health and wellbeing services at the click of button.

Berwick Partners is leading the way in partnering with businesses at SME level, supporting them in their growth journey and unlocking the potential they have, to improve services available to patients. Our recent history has seen us work with high growth, impactful SME’s such as Homelink, The Surgical Consortium, Golders Green Nursing, and the OT Practice.

“We conducted a competitive process to find the right partner to lead the search for our Chief Commercial Officer. Berwick Partners won out, but it was their team that made the decision for us. We are growing company and the CCO position is not only a big investment for us but finding the right person central to our plans for development. From the start they really listened to our vison and values, understood our needs, and quickly found a very impressive long list of candidates for us. I can honestly say they were brilliant. Always available, making sure we are up to date with processes. It has felt like a true partnership. In my experience recruiting can be a painful process, Berwick made this experience both painless and pleasurable.” 

Jill Ireland, CEO, Homelink

As a search solution, Berwick is able to draw on the expertise of consultants working across almost every sector. This breadth of cross-sector influence allows us to flex our approach, whilst also drawing candidates from a range of sources which would normally be inaccessible through traditional recruitment process. In a post-covid healthcare market, priorities are being adjusted and transferable expertise are becoming more relevant. Our capability to penetrate cross-sector markets and identify leading talent, puts us at the forefront of retained recruitment solutions.

For more information, please contact Gus Ferguson, Consultant in our Private Healthcare Practice.

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