iGaming & Gambling: Emerging Leaders Engagement Survey 2021

6th April 2021

The iGaming & Gambling sector is more competitive than ever, with suppliers and operators working tirelessly to offer the ultimate player experience, but how in-tune are you with the ultimate employee experience?

Recent research by Harvard Business Review found that an engaged employee is 45% more productive than a merely satisfied worker. And an inspired employee – one who has a profound personal connection their work – is 55% more productive than an engaged employee.

In March 2021, Kathryn Gill – Consultant in the Gaming Practice, surveyed over 250 emerging leaders in the iGaming and Gambling sector to understand how effective they perceive their current employer to be, in three key areas: internal communications, inclusivity and coaching & development.

Whilst many businesses in the sector undertake their own internal ‘pulse’ surveys, comparing this against the wider industry provides a useful benchmark and can help to identify areas of both high, and low, performance.

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For more information, please contact Kathryn Gill, Consultant within the Gaming & Gambling practice.