Berwick @Home – Week 2

31st March 2020

Berwick @Home - Week 2

The first week of remote working was tough. Yet last week, I began to feel more integrated into my new routine.

We may have seen a decrease in pace across some of the sectors we work within, my role in marketing has never been busier. Whilst still actively delivering for our clients, this period has given our Consultants and teams time to turn their attention to tasks they don’t typically have time to do, allowing them to shift their focus to how they can work more closely with our clients and candidates. The sheer volume of ideas for content, webinars and thought pieces has been almost overwhelming; from using our network to bring HR professionals together to discuss ideas and best practice, hosting ‘digital coffees’ with our clients, through to producing creative content providing guidance to leaders. Marketing as a function has never been so in demand.

I’ve spoken to every one of our consultants over the last week, discussing ideas and plans which we can all benefit from. This time away from our ‘normal’ working environment has enabled our teams to have the headspace to be innovative – plan new ideas, collaborate with colleagues, explore different methods of communication and develop a deeper understanding of their client base.

Remote working provides space for independent thought, unobstructed by other voices – what could be better? Space for innovative thinking is actively encouraged by many large corporates – Apple, for example. They ask every employee, no matter what position, to do independent, creative thinking. Then, once they’ve developed an idea, they can call a small meeting with relevant people on to how to turn their idea into a reality. By default, this is what remote working has led to for us.

In a time of great disruption, it has been great to see everyone being proactive, working together and pulling in the same direction. It’s given our teams focus and it certainly seems to be drawing us closer together. As a business, we are taking the time and opportunity to build a strong foundation to drive towards our longer-term goals and find solutions for our clients.