Berwick @Home – Week 1

23rd March 2020

Berwick @Home - Week 1

It’s been an odd week. There’s been 20 million new Teams accounts globally apparently…which is a heck of a mobilisation for many UK and European firms coping with new ‘norms’ of work life, and provisioning working from home en masse.

I shamelessly confess that love being in our offices being with our people….and the snacks…but this week I’ve felt closer, and a greater connection with, more of our people than I have for a while. And not one of us has been in an office.

There it is…  the nature and culture of business disrupted indelibly.

Work can be a thing you do, not just a place you go. The next ‘x’ weeks are going to be tough for us all no doubt. But this week, working differently and arguably more intimately with our teams has made it seem just a little less daunting. But all of that aside, a post of this nature wouldn’t be complete without recognising that while we are asked to work from home there is a whole community who aren’t able to, and who are in every way keeping the rest of us going. To those for whom work is a place you go, as well as a thing you do – thank you.

Matt Cockbill is a Partner in the CIO & Technology Officers Practice for Odgers Berndtson.