2024: Our Predictions for the Education Sector

12th January 2024
Elizabeth James
Partner & Head of Practice

Elizabeth James, Head of the Education Practice at Berwick Partners, details her thoughts on some of the trends, challenges and opportunities for her sector in 2024.

The outlook for UK Higher Education in 2024 is a somewhat mixed bag. Whilst the sector maintains huge ambitions with regard to student education, (not least from a widening participation perspective) and of course world class research, there is fragility on account of the sustainability of the current funding model.

From a skills outlook, post-pandemic habits and more diverse student cohorts mean that innovation in teaching and learning are high on the agenda. All of which has to be delivered within modest cost envelopes. How can the sector do more with less? Research-wise, as Institutions embark upon the delivery of their strategies for the next Research Excellence Framework, disciplinary foci can change, requiring the acquisition of new talent, but potentially disinvestment in other areas.

On a more micro-level, sustainability as a corporate priority is on the assent with the prospect of greater investment in professional services in this regard. Equity, Diversity and Inclusion will become no less critical from all angles.

Finally there is no getting away from the increasing international focus of the UK. Despite Brexit, our desire to remain a key player remains in Higher Education and there is a significant appetite to attract the brightest and best students and indeed the most competitive grants globally.

If you wish to further discuss any of the topics covered in this article or have a conversation about increasing the leadership capability within your education institution then please contact Elizabeth James.

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